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ZOZI Advance is the fastest growing web-based reservation, payment, and customer management platform used by thousands of activity, tour, and event merchants.

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With the advancement of mobile technology, you can literally do everything from the palm of your hand. Ironically, many tour and activity business owners are still stuck in the office taking customer reservations and payments, instead of running their businesses on-the-go, from the field.

That’s why we are very excited to announce the release of ZOZI’s Chip Card Reader—allowing tour and activity businesses to step out of the office and accept payments anytime, anywhere, right from a mobile device.

ZOZI Advance is the only online booking software in the industry that lets you take both mobile chip card and swipe payments. The reader works with both our iOS and Android apps so you, your staff, and your affiliate partners can accept payments from anywhere.

What is EMV?

EMV chip card technology was developed by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. This form of payment helps reduce the risk of credit card fraud. Chip cards are considered more secure than the traditional magnetic swipe cards since the chip technology provides a unique code for each transaction. This makes the cards harder to reproduce for fraudulent purchases.


The ZOZI Chip Card Reader is EMV compatible giving you the ability to accept the most secure form of payment on the market today. Plus, if your customer's card doesn’t have the chip, you can still swipe to easily and quickly take payment.

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What can I do with a mobile chip card reader?

Expand Sales Presence

Accept secure payments in the field—anytime, anywhere.

Save Time

Process bookings and payments at your front desk or on location with a mobile phone or tablet.

Improve Customer Experience  

Help customers get going on your tour or activity instead of waiting around in your office.

Reduce Fraud

Using an EMV chip card reader means your bank is liable for fraudulent charges, not you.

Learn how to elevate your business by using a ZOZI Chip Card Reader.