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ZOZI Advance is the fastest growing web-based reservation, payment, and customer management platform used by thousands of activity, tour, and event merchants.

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How ZOZI Puts Customers First With Call Center

In light of Zerve ceasing operations, we’d like to share ZOZI’s experience and capabilities in managing customer call center operations, as we know this is a critical service for Zerve customers. Currently, our call center hours are seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST. Based on growing demand, we’ll be expanding our hours of operations.

ZOZI Has 7+ Years Experience With Call Centers

ZOZI has deep expertise handling customer calls for tour and activity businesses. In addition to our ZOZI Advance online booking and software platform, we also operate an online marketplace for consumers to discover and book activities through ZOZI.com. For the past seven years, we’ve managed call center operations out of our corporate headquarters, located in San Francisco, for both our activities marketplace and online booking platform.

ZOZI Uses an In-House Call Center

Ensuring we deliver the highest quality customer support is very important to us—that’s why we manage our customer service team in-house. We’ve maintained an industry-leading CSAT (customer satisfaction) score of 99%. With every call we take, our customer support representatives are trained to focus on “customer delight,” going above and beyond expectations to build trust and loyalty.

"Ensuring our customers receive the best service possible is my only priority. I strive to go above and beyond to help our customers every day!" - Gio, Customer Support Representative for ZOZI.com

"It’s important at the end of the day our merchants know their feedback is valued and feel confident using our software. Our goal is improving their business to a new and exciting level of success." - Natalie, Customer Support Representative for ZOZI Advance

Knowing merchants feel welcome and comfortable asking any questions about the system, from the simplest to the most complex, is my top priority. My role is to ensure ZOZI is set up to meet all of their unique business needs." - Christina, Customer Support Representative for ZOZI Advance

ZOZI Values Delivering Outstanding Customer Support

Delivering outstanding customer service is a foundation of our business, and an integral part of the values of the ZOZI team. We’re leveraging our combined years of customer support experience and learnings to scale our call center for Zerve clients, incorporating client feedback and best practices to ensure the highest quality of support.

“Working with the people at ZOZI has been nothing but a pleasure. Their customer service is fantastic and the software is very easy and intuitive to use. We had tried a few other booking software sites and were never very happy with what we were using, until we found ZOZI. It has everything we needed and some features we didn't even realize we needed! Very happy and highly recommend.” - Anna Hirschi at This is The Place Heritage Park (via Capterra)

“I have been using ZOZI for my business's online purchase needs for over 2 years now. ZOZI has the BEST customer service and is very easy to use and customize to fit my business needs.” - Cecile Santini at Endless Summer Surf Academy (via Capterra)

Stay tuned to this blog post for updated information regarding our call center.

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