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ZOZI Advance is the fastest growing web-based reservation, payment, and customer management platform used by thousands of activity, tour, and event merchants.

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Dan Mascola

Welcome, ZOZI Advance users! 

We're continuously improving our online booking software to serve the needs of your tour, activity or rental business even better. Here you will find a running list of product updates and feature releases, catalogued chronologically for easy browsing. Check back often to make sure you're enjoying the maximum benefits of ZOZI Advance.


Viator Integration

ZOZI Advance now seamlessly integrates with Viator, so you can manage all your bookings from one place. Bookings made on Viator will be automatically reflected in ZOZI Advance. This integration provides real-time availability so that you never double book. All your dates/times, capacity, and prices are automatically reflected real-time in Viator, so you don’t have to update two systems.


Why you’re going to love this:

  • It lets you increase bookings by selling your tours on Viator

  • It saves time by syncing all your Viator bookings right into Advance

  • It lets you manage your online bookings and Viator bookings from one place


  1. Are new bookings in Viator automatically reflected in Advance? >> Yes.  New bookings made on Viator will be reflected in Advance for all products you’ve chosen to integrate with Viator.

  2. How do I tell which bookings came from Viator? >> You’ll be able to see the booking source under ‘sales channel’.  The ‘sales channel’ field can be added to Booking and Sales reports.

  3. If I remove or change an availability, will it reflect in Viator? >> Yes.  All existing availabilities synced with Viator will be updated.  Any new availabilities that you create need to be added to your Viator account and then synced with Advance.

  4. If I change or delete a booking in Viator, does it update in Advance? >> No, Viator only passes new booking information to Advance.  If the customer wants to change or delete an existing booking, the modifications need to happen in Advance.

  5. Does ZOZI still charge the 5% and 1.99% for Viator bookings? >> No, ZOZI does not charge for Viator bookings.  Payments are completely handled on Viator and only the booking information is passed to Advance.

  6. How do I set my prices listed in Viator?>> All pricing for your products need to bet set in your Viator account.

  7. Do my Viator booking disbursements go through ZOZI too? >> No.  All sales through Viator must be collected via your Viator account.

  8. How do I set up my Viator integration? >> Contact your Viator Account Rep and ask for the API Key and Supplier ID.  After you’ve received these two Viator codes you can follow these steps to set up in Advance.

  9. When I set up my Viator integration, do my past bookings sync? >> No, only bookings after the sync is live will be passed into Advance.

  10. How does our Viator integration compare with Fareharbor’s and Peek’s Viator integration? >> Since Viator provides the same info through their API, the functionality is the same for any booking system.

  11. What parts my Viator listing can I control from Advance? >> You can adjust the following regarding your Viator integration: 

  • Activate or Deactivate specific products

  • Adjustment capacity is automatically reflected on Viator

  • Changes to availability dates/times

February 2017

Mobile Android App V1.7

Here's what's new/improved:

  • Availability Screen: We've added key information to each booking so merchants can better prepare their tours.

Click here to download the update in the app store.

Mobile iOS App V1.9

Here's what's new/improved:

  • Rental Check-in/Check-out: Check rental units in and out from the Booking screen

  • Updated Dashboard: See the number of pending bookings and waitlist entries straight from the Dashboard

  • Unit names are now used across the app as you define them. For example, the app will display “Bikes” instead of “Units”

  • There is a new "More" tab that includes Dashboard settings and Account Information

  • App now defaults to U.S. in Customer Info screen, which helps speed up booking

  • EMV Card reader fixes + card flight SDK update

  • Many bug/crash fixes

Click here to download the update in the app store.

January 2017  

Mobile App iOS V1.8

Here's what's new/improved:

  • Multi-location support - you can now you switch to different locations in the app (find this under the account tab)

  • Create bookings on past dates - select any days in the calendar and make a booking

  • Ability to resend the confirmation/pending email from the booking screen by clicking on the customer’s email

  • Show availability notes on the dashboard

  • Show visibility settings on the dashboard/availability screen

  • Send feedback to ZOZI in the account tab (create an email and send it to support)

Click here to download the update in the App Store.

January 2017 

Mobile App iOS V1.7

Here's what's new/improved:

More information is now included in the booking, making it easier for you to access and manage the following reservation details:

  • Payment status

  • Person categories

  • Pickup location

  • Office notes

  • Customers comments

Click here to download the update in the App Store.

December 2017 

Rental Check In/Check Out

You're especially going to love this if...

  • You've got a lot of inventory, and have a hard time knowing exactly what's available and what's currently rented out 

  • You operate rentals in multiple locations, and keeping track of inventory is challenging

  • You've been dealing with loss or theft of your inventory

Here's what's new/improved:

Easily keep track of your rental inventory with our new check in/check out feature.  You can quickly see which units are in the field and which are available to rent, along with who checked the inventory in/out This is great way to prevent theft and loss of your valuable gear.

Learn how to set up and check in/out your inventory here.

December 2017

Daily Manifest Emails

Here's what's new/improved:

Set up automated daily emails that sends the manifest report to select staff once per day.  This is a great way to keep your tour guides and staff informed automatically, saving you lots of time. You can customize the columns, recipients, and timing of this email. Each daily email contains a list of all the tours for that day. 

Learn how to set up daily manifest emails here