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About Skyline Paintball

In 1996, Chris and Sue Haynes hadn’t thought much about paintball. The two ran an outfitter store that Chris founded in Strasburg, Virginia.

“One day a customer came in and asked us about paintball,” says Sue, “and we decided to dabble.”

Things were never the same. The family business began to focus on the game that was sweeping the country. As the game’s popularity grew, so did Skyline Paintball.  

Non-Stop Phone Calls and 20 Minutes to Book

Even with the entire family “all hands on deck,” they often found themselves working seven days a week to maintain fields, manage equipment, and stay on top of reservations.

“I had a physical planner and a reservation form, it was all paper,” says Sue, who manages the bulk of bookings and calls. Each phone call could average 20 minutes.

“I got the guest’s information, would run the deposit, and then added it to the calendar. My calendar would be 10 inches thick with paper shoved in there with forms and reservation slips.”

Sue would then manually enter each reservation into a Google Calendar shared across multiple locations.

Type of bookings: 65+ group bookings a month | 40% website

Skyline Paintball + ZOZI

When Sue found ZOZI Advance, she discovered an affordable platform that was more flexible than all that paper. More importantly, she found a team interested in making a tool that would work for her constantly evolving business.

“ZOZI takes our input,” says Sue. “One of the things we needed was easy editing, and now with ZOZI, we have it. It’s easier to add a booking and manage schedules.”

Each event is listed online with a full description, cost, equipment needs and rules. Guests browse and book, indicating the number of players, choosing a date and time before going through a series of common questions to ensure they’re prepared to hit the ground running. Before ZOZI Advance, all this was done with paper and pen while the customer was on the phone or as a walk-up.

“When someone books directly through ZOZI, that’s time that we don’t have to spend on the phone, so we can do other things.”

Phone bookings have been streamlined, too. 

“If someone calls and wants to book a group, I have the ZOZI tab up and I can quickly enter their information,” Sue says. “The paperwork is eliminated.”

It’s hours of being on the phone that I don’t have to do anymore.
— Sue Haynes, Owner, Skyline Paintball

No-Hassle Confirmation and Follow-Up

Skyline Paintball didn’t have a follow-up process in place once a customer booked a group event.

“We didn’t send emails before,” Sue explained. “I gave the customer a confirmation number. Now, I don’t even have to worry about that.”

ZOZI Advance automatically generates a confirmation email that can be customized to include information for any type of event.

“I like that I can set up an email for each package,” Sue says. 

ZOZI Advance automatically generates the correct follow-up based on the booking, saving time and ensuring every guest has the information they need before they get to the field.  

Favorite features: 24/7 bookings | ZOZI Customer service

Simple to Set Up and Easy to Stay Organized

For Sue, adding a new activity is a straightforward process. Factors like group size, time, paint and player are important for her as she manages fields, equipment and staff.

"ZOZI helps us keep organized with the number of packages that we can have out on the field.”

Training staff to use the system has been a snap according to Sue, who can now hand over phones to others and know bookings will be done right.

“Once it’s set up, it’s user-friendly for someone to go in and make the reservation or get trained on our end.”

Business growth: 20% more bookings | 5 full time staff

Keeping up with a Changing Business and a Changing Customer

“When people decide they want to book, they can do it any time of the day,” says Sue. “Half of our customers are people booking on their own through ZOZI. That is good! We want more.” They’ve seen a 20% increase in bookings now that customers can book anytime online.

“When I get up in the morning and see that five people have booked that night, it’s great,” says Sue. “Our time is better spent versus being on the phone at all hours doing reservations.”