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It's time to bring your campground into the Internet age. As more and more people expect to be plugged in at all times, Wi-Fi is a great amenity you can easily install to offer free of charge to help drive more business to your site.

But there are numerous reasons that it makes sense to offer free Wi-Fi at your campground. Here are just a few:

1. Most Customers Expect It

A Kampgrounds of America study revealed that a majority—70 percent—of people looked for Wi-Fi access as an amenity when searching for a campground. In fact, Wi-Fi was the third most important amenity below onsite restrooms and kid-friendly grounds. Most of your customers will be looking for a way to jump online at some point during their trip, whether it's to check emails, search for local activities, or post photos on social media of their camping experience. Set your campground up with Wi-Fi hotspots so that you can cater to the needs of today's tech-savvy traveler.

2. Adds Value to the Experience

Any complimentary services you provide, such as a free breakfast, Wi-Fi access, or even grocery delivery, adds value to the experience and could help you stand apart from the competition. Cvent reports that amenities such as free Wi-Fi can make a big impact on your customer's experience and also be a major deciding factor when choosing between two or more venues.

3. Easy for Customers to Share Experiences in Real-Time

Consider how many of your campers want to connect to the Internet so that they can update their Facebook status, share photos on Instagram, or tweet about the fun they're having at your campground. Offering Wi-Fi access across your entire campsite means your customers can log in to their favorite social networking site at any time and tag you to share with their fans and followers. This is a form of indirect marketing since that customer's entire following will have a chance to see the post and can possibly click through any tags to learn more about you.

4. Marketing Opportunities

If you're looking for ways to differentiate yourself from other campgrounds in the area and make your campsite one of the most-coveted destinations, promote amenities like Wi-Fi access and seamless connectivity to prospective customers.

Internet users will need a fast Internet connection to be able to listen to music and watch videos using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. So you can promote the fact that customers can do this without any connectivity issues. Include this information in all of your online and offline marketing materials—your social media sites, main website, brochures—so that all prospective customers know you have a reliable Internet connection and offer free Wi-Fi at your location.

5. Improves Communication and Customer Service

Consider how valuable it would be to a customer to be able to email a staff member if they needed assistance or log on to your website to learn about current conditions in the area, the weather forecast, or updates about events happening on the campsite that day. Having access to this type of information and being able to communicate with staff members without any hassles improves the overall customer service experience.

Meeting customer expectations and adding value to the camping experience are just a few reasons why it makes sense to offer free Wi-Fi at your campground. Consider all of these benefits when you are deciding what types of amenities and services you want to offer your customers so that you can generate more business year round.