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ZOZI Advance is the fastest growing web-based reservation, payment, and customer management platform used by thousands of activity, tour, and event merchants.

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Let’s be honest: Accepting customer payments on the go can be a pain. And since trekking around with change or computer reservation printouts is flat-out inconvenient, many businesses require customers to check in at the office prior to their scheduled excursion. But what if you could remove that step entirely? What if you could run your business—including accepting reservations and payments—all from your phone or tablet?

From expanding sales opportunities to improving customer experience, here are four reasons why accepting mobile payments can help your business grow:

1. It gets you out of the office.

"I started my business to stay inside the office all day long," said no one ever. Many tour and activity business owners started their trade out of passion...and we doubt your passion includes sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day long. Accepting reservations and payments via mobile device gets you out of the office and get back to doing what you love.

2. It lets you be where your customers are.

Imagine if your surfboard rental company was situated just a few yards from the crashing surf. Or if your walking tour company was located in the heart of a historic district. Customers find things to do while they are out and about, not by heading into an office that might be out of their way. Accepting reservations and payments via mobile device lets you position your business directly in the path of customers, ultimately expanding sales opportunities.

3. It saves time.

Since customers don't have to trek from your office to the activity location, they can get right to it and jump into the experience. And if you run your business through a mobile app such as ZOZI Advance, you'll be able to start the activity or tour quickly, improving your customer's overall experience (and hopefully their loyalty to you).

4. Only basic equipment is needed.

Get up and running quickly with ZOZI Advance. By using ZOZI's mobile app and EMV compatible chip card reader, you can accept reservations and payments securely—anywhere, anytime. Learn more by scheduling a live demo of ZOZI Advance today.