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As a tour or activity operator, it's likely your day-to-day schedule is contingent on a few external factors—like weather. Most of the time, the show can go on: A little drizzle doesn't have to get in the way of a good hike or sail. A short power loss at your paintball or laser tag facility is manageable. But when something as impactful as a natural disaster is on the horizon, there's much to attend to. We understand, and we're here to help. 

Although you can't control the climate, feel confident knowing ZOZI Advance makes it easy to adapt. Here are a few quick tips on mass cancellations, blackout dates, refunding and more. 

Mass Cancellations

You can cancel all existing bookings on a specific day with a few clicks from the Dashboard.


If you later need to reschedule a customer, you can always “UN-CANCEL” a reservation. This option is located within each specific reservation.


Refunding Customers

After you’ve canceled a customer’s reservation, you can process their refund according to your own policy. You can do this by clicking on the reservation in the Dashboard. A sidebar will pop up, allowing you to choose how you would like to refund the customer:

  • Automatically process the refund by using a credit card on file. This will include the online convenience fee if booked online. Or...
  • Manually process the refund by choosing the amount you would like to refund the customer.

Reschedule a Reservation

If you would like to reschedule the reservation rather than cancel it, this can be done within each specific reservation. Once you are in the reservation, simply update the date and time. The customer will receive a new confirmation email with their updated time.


Adding Blackouts

After you’ve rescheduled any existing bookings, we suggest adding blackout times during the storm to prevent bookings. You can set up a “Merchant” blackout from your calendar. This means everything in your Products list will be unavailable during the timeframe you specify.


Pull a Bookings Report to Gather All Emails From Customers

Utilize the bookings report to gather all emails from any customers who have booked during the storm. Customize the report to pull in the necessary columns (i.e. name, email address, product, start date, and start time). Run the report based on “activity or rental” and download the report.

When the conditions aren't right, your customers' experience won't be either. Using ZOZI Advance to smoothly cancel, refund and reschedule bookings can help maintain organization and clear communication during challenging times. 

The weather might be rough, but when it comes to managing your business, the forecast calls for smooth sailing. 

Want to learn more about improving your customers' experience with online booking?