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Gabby DesGeorges

As a business owner, you’re accustomed to juggling a plethora of tasks all at once: scheduling, sending confirmation emails to customers, updating prices, keeping track of inventory, and then some. But now that you’re all set up with ZOZI Advance, it’s time to kick back and let online booking do the heavy lifting for you. Here are some tips and reminders for taking full advantage of your shiny new system. Carpe diem! 

Pssst...want these tips in PDF format? Download here.  

1. Set Up Your Banking

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 10.21.08 AM.png

You’re all set up to receive bookings online, so let’s ensure those hard-earned dollars are rolling into your bank account! Update your banking information in the "Disbursement Info" section so you can begin to receive payments. Find the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard and click "Company Profile." Scroll all the way down to "Disbursement Info" at the bottom, and enter your bank routing number and account number. Voila! You’re ready to begin receiving direct deposits.

2. Download The ZOZI Advance Mobile App


Out on the river? Climbing through canyons? Riding the bus around town? ZOZI Advance is designed to handle all the above. Wherever your business takes you, access bookings, calendars and account information on the go with the ZOZI Advance mobile app. Download for Apple or Android devices, including iPads and tablets. The app can do just about anything the desktop version does: make a new booking, create new availability, check the dashboard and much more.

When people start using the ZOZI Advance app, they love how easy it is to take bookings and see their schedule from anywhere.
— Gabby DesGeorges, ZOZI Sr. Onboarding Specialist

The app can make customer check-in quick and easy—just use the scanner function at the bottom of your screen. Ask your account manager about making a barcode so you can scan customers' confirmation emails as they walk in.

3. Customize Your Dashboard

Like a fresh coat of paint on the walls, or a water bottle covered in stickers of your own cat (not that anyone at ZOZI has one of those, cough, cough, John), a little personal touch can make a memorable impression. The same goes for your ZOZI Dashboard! Each user has the ability to save his or her individual dashboard preferences by customizing the columns using the "Settings" tab. Learn more about dashboard personalization here.

What you see in your dashboard is totally up to you. Rental businesses usually love to see "Duration" and "Units," while tour companies tend to view "Guides" and total numbers of participants. Escape rooms and businesses with time slots running back-to-back all day can choose to hide activities as they pass. This way, the dashboard doesn't look so clogged, and it's easy to view activities that are coming up. 

4. One Calendar To Schedule Them All

The second tab you'll see is the "Calendar." Here, choose from three views of your availability and bookings: Day, Week or Month. Have a preference? Great! Click on "Settings" to select your default view. Beneath "Filter Section Settings," you can also choose to hide activities that (1) have no availability, (2) are completely booked, or (3) have no bookings in select views. You can also choose "Blackouts" to see any dates you've made unavailable for bookings. 

The calendar is a great at-a-glance way to manage your day, all day long. Employees or tour guides can even customize their own calendar views, making it easy to know exactly where to be and when. No more mix-ups! 

5. Set Up Custom Reports

Having all your bookings and payments in one place on ZOZI Advance allows you to gather and view data over time, which in turn helps with year-over-year planning, forecasting and important decision-making. Click "Reports" to view information on a host of insight, from bookings to disbursements to customer rosters.

Want to see which days are most booked for your food tour? Wondering how many customers are adults versus seniors or children? Or how many guests have checked in and signed waivers? Use the "Custom Reports" button to easily create a report with the information you care about. For fields you want to see, drag and drop into the "Selected" columns. For fields you don't want to see, drag and drop into the "Available" columns. How many custom reports you choose to make is totally up to you. Some people make new ones all the time, while others make one or two, and use those over and over. 

If the mere utterance of "custom reports" sends your anxiety through the roof, ask your account manager for ideas—they've made plenty before, and have a few tips up their sleeves for what might be best for your business. 

6. Your New Best Friend: Customized, Automated Emails

Don’t be afraid to go nuts with details and instructions in the ‘Booking Details’ section: After all, a prepared customer is a happy customer.
— Gabby DesGeorges, ZOZI Sr. Onboarding Specialist

Emails allow for thorough and detailed communication between your customers, without having to play phone tag or make lengthy calls. With automated emails, it's easy to send confirmations, reminders and follow-ups without even thinking about it.

Once customers book, they’ll automatically receive a confirmation email—customized with all the information you want them to know. Within each product on the "Products/Activities" page, there is a tab called "Emails." Add any relevant information into the text box, and it will automatically be sent out in an email template to customers who book that activity or product. 

Don't be afraid to go nuts with details and instructions in the "Booking Details" section: After all, a prepared customer is a happy customer. Links, FAQ lists, social media handles, directions, maps, parking info, what to bring and what to wear are popular details to include in confirmation and reminder emails. The text boxes in emails are HTML-enabled, so logos and photos are a cinch to pop in. Feel free to ask your account manager if you need help formatting these emails, or need ideas of how other businesses use this feature—they’re happy to provide help!

Use the email timing feature to choose when customers receive automatic emails. For instance, schedule a reminder email one day before the activity takes place, and a thank you email three days after. Consider asking guests to leave a review on Yelp, or "like" you on social media. 

A proven way to garner repeat customers is to include a discount for another tour or activity in a thank you email. Customers will be reminded of what a great time they had the first time around, and—with a little incentive—will be more likely to book again.

7. Try Making A Sample Booking Or Two 

Your business is your baby! We get that. It can feel weird to start letting customers book on their own, especially if you're used to recording all your bookings manually or over the phone.

I always recommend making sample bookings on your own once you’ve set up your account. That way you can get a feel for the system and see the confirmation email, so there will be no surprises when real bookings start coming in.
— Gabby DesGeorges, ZOZI Sr. Onboarding Specialist

You should receive an email whenever a customer makes a new booking online. Not seeing it yet? Add bookings@zozi.com as a contact in your address book. This ensures bookings won't get sent to your spam folder.

8. Say Hello To Our Knowledge Base And ZOZI Advance Blog

Now that you've begun using ZOZI Advance, play around with all the features available to you! Search the ZOZI Advance Knowledge Base for answers to any questions that pop up as you get comfortable with the system. And don't forget, the ZOZI Advance Support Team is always a call away to help work through issues with you.

For industry trends, marketing insight, user tips, and even advice on how ZOZI Advance features can help you manage your business during bouts of bad weather, be sure to visit our ZOZI Advance blog. We're invested in your success, and we've got your back!

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