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Ashmi Pathela

From mobile booking trends to the future of tourism employment, here are 6 headlines worth skimming. 

The State of Mobile Booking 2015:

“Mobile travel sales in the U.S. are forecast to jump 60% in 2014 to $26.14 billion… To get a feel for mobile booking trends you just have to listen to Orbitz Worldwide CEO Barney Harford who said recently that the company “already sees the desktop as a legacy platform.” “In four years’ time, we won’t even be thinking about desktops,” Harford said, adding that about one third of Orbitz Worldwide’s hotel bookings take place through mobile devices and roughly 25% throughout the entire product mix.” (Skift, The State of Mobile Booking 2015)

Move Along, Twitter - Facebook Will Be the Future of Customer Service in Travel

"Facebook Messenger currently has over 700 million active users. Of these, over 100 million were added between March and June 2015. For context, that’s one-third of the entire user base Twitter has built till now. In three months. Let that sink in for a while. It’s no surprise then that Facebook is now focusing on giving businesses the tools to reach out and communicate better with their customers — many more of whom are obviously using Facebook than Twitter." (Tnooz, Facebook Will Be the Future of Customer Service in Travel)

Land Sailing: The Adventure Sport You’ve Never Heard Of

“Land sailing is a lot like traditional sailing in the way it’s raced, but way faster and generally carried out in homemade rigs. Ivanpah is the site of the sport’s current speed record of 126 mph, set by a British engineer in 2009. By comparison, sailors racing for glory in multimillion-dollar catamarans in the America’s Cup top out at about 55 mph. Land sailing’s helmeted drivers are called pilots, not skippers, and look more Formula One than yacht club; the sport is a marriage of the two.” (Outside Magazine, On the Ground at Land Sailing’s Title Race)

In 2015, Travel is All About Eco-Tourism and Charity

“Polling 1,000 applicants ages 18 through 67 years old, a new survey released by Chase Marriott Rewards found that 84 percent of millennials were interested in taking a charitable trip, while only 18 percent of Gen Xers and 17 percent of baby boomers were interested in charitable traveling.” (Forbes, In 2015, Travel is All About Eco-Tourism and Charity)

Tourism Employment On the Rise

“The global tourism sector employs more people than automotive manufacturing, mining and financial services combined globally, according to new research from the World Travel & Tourism Council. The industry supported 277 million jobs in 2014, which is 9.4 per cent of world employment. With 105 million people directly employed in 2014, the industry globally employs seven times more than automotive manufacturing, which stands at 14 million jobs, and five times more than chemicals manufacturing, which employs 20 million people.” (Breaking Travel News, WTTC Research Reveals Vast Scale of Tourism Employment)

Top 5 Trends in Mobile Booking

"The next phase of mobile travel is all about delivering a timely, relevant and customized traveler experience," says Phocuswright's research analyst, Cathy Schetzina Walsh. "That means understanding who the travelers know, what they like, where they are in the travel process and what problem they are trying to solve. Travel companies can achieve this by leveraging context, anticipating needs and empowering travelers to personalize their experience." (Phocuswright, Mobile Travel Landscape 2015)