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Site reservations and general stores shouldn't be the only revenue stream for your campground. In fact, almost 27 percent of total income earned from a camper was generated from sources other than campsite reservations, according to a study by the Journal of Travel Research. You can tap into several revenue opportunities to maximize sales from each and every camper that sets foot on your campground.

Here are just a few ways to optimize your campground's profit centers.

1. Recreational Equipment Rentals

Not all of your campers will have enough room in their RV or vehicle to bring along recreational gear and equipment such as kayaks, canoes, or even pop-up tables for meal time. Make things easy for your customers by offering equipment rental options for a modest fee, and set up a pickup station or area where staff can keep track of inventory and store it safely after each use.

Create packages for newer campers who need basic equipment such as a grill, tables and chairs, or other necessities to round out their experience. If you are using a campground reservation system like ZOZI Advance, you can manage equipment rental inventory and payments all in the same system.

2. Special Events and Activities

From hosting fun holiday events like carols and s'mores around a big bonfire, or providing live entertainment during the summer months, ticketed events are a great way for your guests to build fun, lasting memories at your campground. These might appeal to both campers and visitors in the area looking for something to do during a vacation. If you open up these events to the public, could also attract locals and garner some attention from area businesses during the season.

Make sure to promote these events heavily on social media sites, and set up a Facebook event so the general public can easily find it when they're searching for local things to do on the Internet. You could also list your event with area magazines and publications as part of your promotional efforts.

Bonus: ZOZI Advance can also manage and track ticket sales for events and activities, so you can keep all your campground payments in one place.

3. Lessons and Workshops

Lots of campgrounds offer activities such as painting lessons, tie-dye t-shirt making classes, and games. While these mainly cater to children, such workshops are a big revenue generator. Additionally, watersport activities like kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding can be turned into educational opportunities for first-timers or beginners. Offer lessons as part of your roster of daily activities on the campground for an extra fee. Another option is to host educational workshops, such as seminars or hands-on activities from nature guides, teachers, and other experts to give campers something to look forward to during their visit.

Consider partnering up with local instructors who can offer services your staff isn't trained to provide, so that you can offer a variety of experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.

4. Breakfast or Meal Service

Give campers the option to purchase a meal onsite so they can save time and effort during their vacation—some visitors will probably appreciate less time doing dishes, and more time going on hikes in the surrounding area! As long as you have a food and beverage license for your operation, you can set up a dining area to serve meals as part of the camping experience. Use this food and beverage cost calculator formula provided by Buzztime to estimate your total investment for managing food costs and setting up reasonable pricing. Consider selling meal tickets as part of the camping reservation or sell meal plan packages for guests who may want to enjoy multiple meals onsite during their visit.

From offering memorable experiences to renting equipment, there are several ways to enhance your guest's outdoor stay, while generating revenue beyond the campsite reservation. Explore some of these ideas to leverage your campground's profit potential.