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About East Coast Paddle Sports

Nothing says summer like being on the water. When East Coast Paddle Sports started as a waterfront pop-up three years ago, their goal was to bring unique outdoor activities to vacationers and locals looking for summer fun on the bay.

“Eighty percent of our customers have never been on the water in any shape or form. We strive to make them comfortable and to get them hooked on outdoor activities,” says co-owner Guy Gauvin.


The Challenge: Summer Spikes and Paperwork Chaos

What started as a part-time business quickly expanded into full time. At first, bookings were tracked via pen and paper, a system that soon spiraled out of control.

“In our first season, we printed our charts and made a table. It was so much work, we were working all hours, day and night,” says East Coast Paddle Sports waterfront manager, Nicole Gauvin.

Within its first three months, East Coast Paddle Sports moved to an online booking and reservation system, but the interface was difficult to use on-the-go, a huge problem for a business that uses mobile devices for 90% of their reservations and check-ins.

“That system didn’t have an app, and it was so frustrating to have to go online while we were on the dock to get customers checked in. I’d constantly have to pinch and zoom the screen to enter information,” says Nicole.


The Solution: East Coast Paddle Sports + ZOZI

East Coast Paddle Sports uses ZOZI for reservations, payments, and check-ins at both their storefront and mobile locations—and business is booming. Since adopting ZOZI this year, they’ve added eight part time staffers. 

“We’re a seasonal business, and last year we put 2,800 customers on the water. Currently, we’ve had at least 3,500, and we’re just midsummer,” says Guy, who not only manages accounting, but also leads some of East Coast Paddle Sports’ most popular tours.

With ZOZI, East Coast Paddle Sports has found a system to manage complex pricing configurations and show real-time inventory and staffing changes.

“The experience of ZOZI Advance is pretty incredible. Staff with the right permissions can make adjustments on the fly and the entire team is updated. If our inventory is impacted, that’s reflected right away with ZOZI,” says Nicole. “There’s no chance of confusion, overbooking or disappointing our customer.”


The Impact: Expanding Business Via Coupons, Vouchers & Seasonal Passes

Groupon and coupons are a great way to raise awareness of new tours and activities, but can be difficult to manage.

“ZOZI helped us every step of the way from working with Groupon, setting up codes and getting them in the system,” says Nicole. When a Groupon or coupon is honored, ZOZI automatically recognizes the code and takes off the right amount with no extra steps. “I love that we don’t have to type in codes individually, because that used to take forever.”

Improved Customer Experience Leads to Increased Bookings

ZOZI Advance has increased bookings for East Coast Paddle Sports by making it easy for customers to search, reserve, and pay.

“Our customers are on their phone Googling for something fun to do, like kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. When they find us they can see what rentals are available, on what day, and what classes are happening too. Not only are our customers 100% mobile, but  ZOZI lets us be 100% mobile if we want to be, too,” says Guy.

The goal is to expand sales every year. We’re only in the middle of year three and each year we quadrupled sales. This year we’ve already doubled from last.


Next Steps: ZOZI is Always There For This Growing Business

Like many small business owners, Nicole and Guy give East Coast Paddle Sports their all.  ZOZI has become part of the daily ritual that makes their business a success.

“In the morning, I wake up and grab my phone to check ZOZI,” says Nicole. In only minutes, she can check customer emails, see reservations for the day, find out what equipment is in play, and what guides will be on tour. “ZOZI helps me tackle the day!”

East Coast Paddle Owners, Guy and Nicole Gauvin

East Coast Paddle Owners, Guy and Nicole Gauvin

East Coast Paddle Sports grew their bookings by 400%. See how ZOZI Advance can help your business grow: