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About National Park Tourz

National Park Tourz specializes in multi-day tours where every detail of the trip is thoughtfully considered.

“I will talk with a client four or five times before they complete a booking,” says Tiffany Unsworth, who—along with husband Cory—owns and operates National Park Tourz.

“After we spend five days with our guests, many want to keep in touch,” says Tiffany, who believes in building strong and deep relationships with customers. “A lot of times we get to the end of a tour and people are sad to say goodbye!”

Multi-Day All-Inclusive Tours | Family Owned & Operated

Finding the Right Fit

Before Cory and Tiffany took over, the former owners of National Park Tourz ran the business with strictly pen and paper.

“Everything was in binders,” Tiffany recalls. “We knew we needed an online system. We were new to the game." 

Unfortunately, the first booking software Tiffany implemented wasn’t the right fit.

“We found a booking software, but it required us to click through too many pages to create a booking,” says Tiffany, who was manually entering each customer’s information and was bogged down by the clunky system. Worse, Tiffany felt like she was on her own. Feedback or questions about the software were often met with days of silence. 

Favorite Features: Cost Effective | Easy To Use


"When we would call or email for help, it was hard to get an answer. No one would pick up the phone on the first try and emails wouldn’t be returned right away.”

But the biggest challenge was cost. Fees for National Park Tourz were higher than expected. 

“They were charging us $2 a day per person. So that means a person who took a five-day tour cost us $10. That was on top of other fees," Tiffany explains.

Coming from the old software, ZOZI was really, really simple. I got to know the old software and my husband didn’t even want to touch it. With ZOZI we both took ownership together, and it has been so easy. The other company took weeks to set up. With ZOZI it was a couple days.
— Tiffany Unsworth, Owner, National Park Tourz

National Park Tourz + ZOZI Advance

Tiffany and Cory knew they should expect better from a booking system. That’s when they found ZOZI Advance.  

“With the previous booking service, every monthly invoice was a shock, and we couldn't believe how much we were paying,” says Tiffany. “We love the ease of booking with ZOZI Advance. It’s just one page, and the 1.9 percent fee per trip is very reasonable.”

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Doing It All and Saving Time

Tiffany says the entire process has improved since they started using ZOZI Advance: “It’s so much faster too. I can add notes, things I need to remember about the customer.” The previous system wasn’t equipped to handle multi-day tours, so the company hacked together a technical and time consuming way to manage them.

“With ZOZI we do it all on our own,” says Tiffany. She still wants and expects to have multiple calls with customers to help create their dream getaway, but now inputting that information is efficient.

“ZOZI saves me on average 15 minutes per booking, which is a lot when you add that up,” she explains.

Improvements: Added 2 New Yearly Tours | Saving 15 Minutes Per Booking

Easy to Manage for Two Kinds of Business

Tiffany and Cory found ZOZI Advance is also the right tool for a sister business they own called Kanab Tour Company. Kanab offers day trips that are easily found and booked online. This business has a higher number of millennial customers looking for last-minute or “day of” adventures. In both cases, ZOZI Advance booking software allows Tiffany and Cory to focus on providing the experiences customers expect.

“It’s a high compliment when your guests say, where else can you take us? We want to go somewhere else and we want to do it with you!”

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