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About Mission Brewery

Craft brews aren’t just about taste—they’re also about the experience. That’s one reason brands like Mission Brewery in San Diego, CA, open their doors for public tours. Mission Brewery shows guests how their beer is brewed, bottled, canned and kegged all while sharing tastes of the ambers, IPAs, stouts and more.

“We have tourists stop by from around the world. They’ve seen our beer at home and get excited about trying it at the source,” says Stephen Brooks, head of tours for Mission Brewery. “Brew tours let us share our culture.”

Founded in 2007 | Brewery Production & Distribution | 50 Employees

Managing A Critical Side Business

As one of 130 breweries in the area, the Mission Brewery tasting room is a way to stay top of mind with locals.

“People come for bachelorette parties, birthdays, lots of group activities,” says Stephen. “My favorites are people who say they don’t like beer. They see the passion and knowledge we put into the product and that opens them up to the beer experience.” Of the company’s 50 employees, 3 part-timers are dedicated tour staff.

We have tourists stop by from around the world. They’ve seen our beer at home and get excited about trying it at the source. Brew tours let us share our culture.
— Stephen Brooks, Lead Tour Guide, Mission Brewery

“We started seeing more people on the tours,” says Mission Brewery marketing coordinator, Jen Hassen, “but sometimes we weren’t sold out, and other times the tour would be too crowded.” They needed a tool to keep tabs on tours that was easy for staff and customers to use.

Growth: +20% Tour Volume | Steady Staff Size

Mission Brewery + ZOZI

They tested a number of online booking systems and found them hard to customize and impossible to make changes to existing bookings.

“People have something come up, and the other tour platform didn’t allow us to cancel on our end,” says Stephen. “Customers would be annoyed, and you never want a frustrated customer!”

Mission Brewery decided it was time to try ZOZI Advance.

“Everything is so simple and straightforward,” says Jen. Customer calls to revise a booking are no longer time-consuming and stressful. “In the time of a two-minute phone call, I can take care of a customer’s request,” says Jen. “It’s no problem.”

Type of Bookings: 90% Online | 10% Walk-up

Managing Tours that Sell Fast

Holidays and summer are the most popular times of the year for Mission Brewery tours.

“Our tours are at capacity with the vacation crowd,” says Stephen. The small staff can easily manage the upswings.

Our customers can understand it! If you can click a couple buttons, you can take a tour.
— Stephen Brooks, Lead Tour Guide, Mission Brewery

“If we didn’t have ZOZI we’d be getting calls, and that means staff would have to manually help book tours. That’s not ideal,” says Stephen. “We’re checking the ZOZI dashboard, checking guest numbers—it helps us prep for every day.”

Favorite Feature: Groupon Integration

Hands-off Gifts and Groupons

Mission Brewery decided to try Groupon to tap into new audiences.

“We offer a special Groupon at the holidays,” says Jen. “It’s been a hit!” Guests can get a tour and tasting for two people with souvenir pint glasses to take home.

“People find the tour on Groupon. They select it, and they’re sent to ZOZI where they pick tour dates and time,” says Jen. “They add the Groupon redemption code, and then everything shows up on our dashboard. It’s pretty hands-off for us.” Added guests haven’t been a strain on tour staff’s time.

“We can see a 20% increase in tours and gifts with no shift in staff levels,” says Jen.

Expand Sales Without Expanding Staff

With ZOZI Advance, Mission Brewery can keep a lid on the operational costs that can go into tours.

“ZOZI saves us from having to bring on someone who is just dedicated to booking,” says Stephen.

“It saves us time, we’re not on calls, we aren’t dealing with issues,” says Stephen. The team is more efficient than ever and able to focus on what matters most. “The biggest thing for us is that our customers are happy."

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