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Courting new customers isn't cheap. In the travel industry specifically, companies spend $7 on marketing and advertising to acquire each customer. And since your aim is to attract as many customers as possible, that can quickly add up. That's why you need to do whatever you can to maximize the revenue you generate from each and every booking.

One of the most effective ways of adding value to each booking: bundled package options, which give customers the option of add-on perks to their experience.

Adding Value with Bundled Packages

Simple add-on options can increase the value of each booking. Just look at the Snorkel Store's Maui ziplining adventures. Instead of offering only a single zipline tour experience, customers have the option to upgrade with the addition of a "quick jump" experience, snacks and refreshments at the mid-tour point, and photo packages. The upgraded reservation provides a unique experience at a discounted rate for the customer, while also helping increase the revenue you collect. For example, a customer who had initially planned on booking a basic tour experience for $30 would spend just $10 more to add lunch or a photo package—easily increasing your sale by just over 30%.

If you offer multiple types of experiences, another option is to offer pre-priced packages that include multiple bookings on a single day. Create package pricing options where customers can pick and choose from several experiences to create a custom itinerary and enjoy a discount for doing so—perhaps 10% off the price of booking separately. For instance, boat operators can offer a boat tour in the morning and a fishing demonstration or workshop after lunch.

Kittatinny Canoes provides outdoor adventures on the Delaware River and offers several combination packages. The Super Saver package allows visitors to take two consecutive river day trips at a super saver rate when they pay a full campground camping rate, which can save them up to $21 per person. They also offer multi-activity specials where customers get a $10 off discount on a second activity booked the same day.

Implementing Bundled Package Options

If you offer online booking options for all reservations through your website, offer a "custom package" option where customers can select from a list of available tours and activities for a given day. As the customer goes through the checkout process, they can review options from a drop-down list of all available tours and activities for guests and choose two or more activities per booking. Streamline this process by using online booking software, such as ZOZI Advance.

If you don't offer online booking options, create a list of sample itineraries on your website so that customers can see what's possible and what discounts are available. They can then customize their trip over the phone or submit an email inquiry. Promoting bundles across your website and social media might also prompt customers to make and upgrade their reservation.

Bundled packages may be the easiest way to increase revenue while providing customers with value-added experiences. Consider different ways to incorporate packages and bundles into your pricing structure to generate more revenue for your tours and activities business.

If you would like more information on how an online booking platform can streamline both online and in-person bookings, contacts us, or learn more here.