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About A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

The most satisfying travel experiences often come through the eyes of a local. That’s the philosophy that Tony Muia used when he built his New York-based tour business, A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours.

“In this day and age with the Internet, you have to do things that really keep people interested. We’re always looking for ways to enhance the experience,” Tony says.

Tony believes in feeding his guests’ minds as well as their bellies by sharing stories and archival footage from Brooklyn’s past, then introducing them to the pizzerias, iconic restaurants and chocolate factories of Brooklyn’s present. It’s the kind of expert level experience you can only get from a friend who wants to show you the best of the best.

Type of bookings: 60% website | 40% walk-ups


Booking Service Went Bust

In 2016, A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours found out the booking software they relied on would be shutting down.

“We didn’t know what would happen to the bookings we had," he recalls. "We’re booked all the way through December."

There was also confusion around when—or if—they’d receive payment for future tours that were booked before the company shut down.

Having built his business from scratch, Tony knew which features were essential to support his company. He was proactive in finding a new solution to meet A Slice of Brooklyn’s booking and payment processing needs.

“We did research and homework—I mean we even made charts! We had to move quickly once we knew our booking system was in jeopardy,” he tells us. 

Business improvements: Integrated phone support | One week implementation

A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours + ZOZI

The No. 1 priority was to find a reliable service Tony could trust to be there as tourists planned their vacations and gifts for the months ahead. Since A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours is known worldwide, they needed a system that would allow international travelers to book tours and purchase gifts.

“We have to have a system that can deal with merchandise as well as tours,” says Tony, whose “FUHGETTABOUDIT” t-shirt is a top seller. But that was just the beginning of his needs.

Phone support was another essential feature for A Slice of Brooklyn, which has been committed to providing customer service over the phone from day one. While researching, Tony found most online booking systems didn't have call centers. But with ZOZI, he discovered a partner that would invest in building what his company needed in order to be successful.

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“The ZOZI team worked with us to integrate phone support when we asked for it. I couldn’t believe it," Tony says.

Favorite feature: Easy setup


Fast Setup for a Seamless Experience

Within a week, A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours was completely moved off their own system and live with ZOZI Advance.

“Some of my friends, they don’t know what they’ll do and they’re scrambling to find a solution,” Tony observed. “We’re already up and running with ZOZI.”

Today A Slice of Brooklyn has a seamless booking system customized to fit their needs, and they’ve been able to implement it without additional training for their staff. Customers can easily browse tours, times and merchandise, and bookings haven’t missed a beat. 

"ZOZI has made our lives so much easier," Tony tells us.

When the other booking system went away, there was NO dropping the ball because of ZOZI. They really put our minds at ease.
— Tony Muia, Owner of A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

A Platform for a Growing Future

Booking system well in place, A Slice of Brooklyn is now free to focus on what really matters: their tours.

“One of the things we found out early on is that there’s a lot we can learn from our customers,” Tony says.

One such lesson: Return customers love showing their out-of-town visitors around the city, and they often look to A Slice of Brooklyn as the ideal experience. In order to meet the ongoing demand for both new and return customers, Tony is always cooking up fresh experiences. Latest on the list? A sweet tour of specialty chocolate shops cropping up all over the Big Apple.


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