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The campground business is a healthy one. The campground and RV industry continues to grow, thanks mostly to steady economic growth and the rise of the baby boomer population, according to IBISWorld. And, according to Statista, more than 40 million people in the United States headed off on a camping venture in 2013 alone.

While this steady growth is comfort to any business in this market, it also makes it more important than ever to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You need to expand offerings and amenities to provide an experience that customers can't find elsewhere.

Here are 10 ways to help you stand out—and grow your campground business in the process.

1. Serve a Complimentary Breakfast

Stand out by following the example laid out by hotels and resorts, which offer this amenity as a way to drive business. Ease customers' stay by eliminating the hassle of leaving the campsite for that important meal of the day or preparing their own early in the morning. You could set up a breakfast station at the visitor's center or a dedicated dining hall on the campsite and promote this as one of the key benefits of your venue. Just keep a close eye on your food and labor costs—and make sure you are compliant with local food service laws—so that you can profit from this offering season after season.

2. Create Packages with Guided Tours and Experiences

Appeal to the adventure-seeking crowd by offering an array of activities, either by providing tours yourself or partnering up with a local hiking or kayaking tour provider. Create themed packages where guests can enjoy a taste of nature, go on a leaf peeping excursion, or even learn how to cook a gourmet meal on the grill from an experienced chef.

3. Sell Snack Packs

Consider how many of your campers will be interested in making s'mores, enjoying a picnic, or grilling out during their visit. You could sell snack packs for these specific purposes so the customer doesn't have to make an extra trip to the grocery store or convenience store during their visit.

4. Set Up a Game Room

Become a destination for the entire family by setting up a dedicated space where kids and teens can play some arcade or computer games. You can add this on to the visitor center or set up a separate space on the campground. Have a staff member manage that part of the campground to make sure the kids are safe and even consider offering babysitting services for very young guests.

5. Offer On-site Spa and Relaxation Treatments

Give customers a chance to truly relax with on-site massage treatments and other spa services from a mobile spa service provider. You could offer everything from chair massages and reflexology services, to meditation and yoga sessions. These extra offerings may appeal to health-conscious travelers and those looking to relax and unwind during their trip.

6. Provide Play Kits and Activities for Kids

Another way to attract families with young kids: providing a special kit that contains coloring books, a disposable camera, and small toys to keep kids occupied during downtime. You could also include admission tickets for on-site activities you are hosting throughout the day, such as a frog hunt, Build-a-Bear workshop, or similar group activities that kids and teens can participate in during their visit.

7. Set Up Local Delivery Options

Partner up with local cafés and vendors in the area to offer delivery services to your campsite. Campers will appreciate the option to order everything from pizza and sandwiches to Chinese food or specialty foods from area bakeries, restaurants, and eateries.

8. Invite Food Trucks onto the Campsite

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way for customers to sample a variety of foods at a low cost. All you would need to do is create a designated space for the trucks to set up for a few hours and promote your food truck nights as a special event. The food truck operators take care of all the setup and cleanup, so your staff would be free to take care of their regular duties.

9. Set Up a Mini Golf Course

Customers can enjoy some friendly competition with fellow campers and travelers with access to a mini golf course built on your campground or located nearby. Offer discounts on packages that include special golf rates and consider hosting tournaments for prizes throughout the year to promote your golf course amenity. If it's large enough, opening the course to the public may be an option for generating ancillary income throughout the year.

10. Host Special Events

Bonfires, wine and beer tasting events, and holiday-themed parties may encourage more campers to flock to your campsite when planning their next getaway. Or, reach out to local musicians or theater groups to provide some live entertainment during any themed nights.

From offering food service amenities to hosting special events, there are several ways to generate more revenue per customer and attract more customers to your campground each season. Use these tips and strategies to grow your campground business.

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